Talent Development

Referred to as the “talent whisperer” by her peers, veteran radio host and producer Andrea Jaxson helps coach aspiring and seasoned broadcasters reach their full potential, both professionally and personally.

With nearly 30 years of experience on the radio with 20 of those years in Dallas and on a national level,  it’s not uncommon to find the former “Nightlight with Andrea” host on the phone, via video chat or having a cup of coffee with radio talent from across the country, helping them deal with the unique challenges they face both on and off the air.

Her expertise in interviewing, vocal inflection, segment producing, and creative programming helps take clients the next level in this competitive industry.

Andrea offers a wide range of services – from individual coaching, seminars and keynote speeches.

To contact Andrea please send an email to andrea@andrealive.com 

What clients have to say:

“I love working with Andrea! Not only is she a fantastic coach and a kind person, but she is also a terrific on-air talent who really ‘gets’ the challenges that jocks deal with”. On Air Talent-Los Angeles 

“Andrea is the ultimate talent who understands her target audience. She connects and bonds with them and knows what to say in order to keep them coming back. She also knows how to coach and get her student to respond and reach their potential.”  J.R. Gonzalez