The Ultimate Air Check

What I’m about to say may surprise you! As an on air personality, your “ultimate air check” may not happen within the walls of your radio station. What if I told you, it might not even happen with your PD or talent coach? Hear me out. Could it be that your “ultimate air check” will be the moment you decide to air check yourself?

When is the last time you actually listened to your show as a listener and not as the host? As personalities, it’s easy for us to lose perspective because we live and listen in the “radio world.” If you want to gain perspective and get better at your craft, try stepping away and live and listen in “their world.” Big difference!

The moment you do this, all the things your PD has been coaching you on become clear. You will notice things like energy levels, ease of conversations, how you made the listener feel, relevance, and how you and the radio station are perceived in the community.

I want to challenge you to sacrifice and use a vacation day to experience “the ultimate air check.” Not only will you be making your PD’s life easier, you will also be making an investment in your team and yourself!